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Kairos is a Greek word that gives the impression that now is the time. It is the arrival of something. A new season, the fullness of something. We believe people were made as beautiful image-bearers of God.

But, we have been marred.

We have been harmed, and we have harmed others. Life is not a chronological self-improvement process, it is more like a tapestry being woven that goes back and forth with seemingly no pattern. Tapestries in process, similar to life, are messy and beautiful at the same time.

Often there is no time nor space in our lives to notice the process – to understand how and why the tapestry is being woven. However, at Kairos we believe that there are times & seasons when we are forced to stop and make space. Maybe your relationships are broken. Maybe the world is dark and you aren’t even able to think, let alone carry on as normal.

These moments offer you an invitation to notice your story. Kairos Community Counselling wants to be a resource to help you engage your story, find your voice, and gently encourage you to move towards others inviting them into healthier relational intimacy.

This is healing.

We recognise that counselling can feel overwhelming. For some it feels unnatural.  For others it feels too clinical. For many it carries a stigma. Some feel it is unaffordable. Or you may just feel ambivalent about inviting a stranger to know you. We are eager to understand and learn not just about you, but also about your culture, your family, your context, your faith.

We would be honoured to walk with you as you enter your pain, your grief, your fears; to help you to give voice to the fullness of who you were designed to be.

There is no rush nor pressure.

But there is an invitation.


Mary Bevan Trustee
Mary Bevan
Charity Jones, LPC
Kashif Munir

Dr. Sally Raheja BM
Kairos Amy S
Amy Schutter
Dipak Upadhyay
Dipak Upadhyay
BSc (Hons) Ost Med DO FHEA
Rozeena VanderWaal

Kairos Community Counselling was founded as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in January 2018 with a desire to serve the communities and people of West London and beyond. Kairos is a group of like-minded and highly-trained counsellors who intentionally seek to care for the least reached communities therapeutically.

Kairos Community Counselling is eager to serve those who seek healing and growth regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion and socioeconomic background.

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