How it Works

Step 1Contact Kairos Community Counselling

You’ve already taken a huge step seeking us out. We are glad to be able to join you in the next steps.

Please complete our “Get Started with Counselling” e-form and submit your interest.

Kairos has a team of counsellors available to offer high quality counselling without judgement as you seek healing and hope.

Get Started with Counselling

Step 2 | Intake Discussion

After receiving your e-form, Kairos’s Intake Coordinator will contact you. We want to listen to you, understand your goals, and help you easily access the counselling and counsellor best for you.

We will present options for counsellors that may be best for your specific needs and desires — this may be related to experience in a certain type of counselling (family, individual, group, etc) or a specific therapeutic approach.

The Intake Coordinator will then pass your details to a specific counsellor who will arrange a convenient time for your first session.

Step 3 | First Counselling Session

The counsellor will meet with you for a 50-minute session. The counsellor will review your client detail form and the counselling agreement that you will receive in advance. Towards the end of the first session you may have a sense if your counsellor is a good fit for you. If so, you are all set and you can schedule future sessions. If not, then we can look at other options that may help you feel more comfortable.

Step 4 | Ongoing Counselling Sessions

You are able to schedule all sessions directly with your chosen counsellor. Your journey will continue at your pace so you get to determine how often you need to come to therapy. An effective counselling process is to meet weekly or bi-weekly for a 50-minute session.

Step 5 | Fees and Payments

One of our primary goals is to make counselling accessible to all. It is for this reason that, as a charitable organisation, we are offering high-quality counselling at already reduced fees.

Our fees: £35-£80 per session depending on the counsellor’s experience. Concession applications are available during the intake process.

We request payments in advance of each session via bank transfer.

Get Started with Counselling

Completing this form is not a guarantee to Kairos counselling services… FULL TERMS

Please Note

Completing this form is not a guarantee to Kairos counselling services. Counselling services are always at the professional discretion of the intake coordinator and/or individual counsellor. Our intake coordinator will be in touch upon receipt of this form to discuss your needs further so that we can determine if Kairos is the best service for you. We are not a crisis or emergency counselling service as we operate on an appointment system.  If you are in crisis right now please pursue help through the NHS urgent mental health helpline ⟶ .

Get Started with Counselling