Charity Jones

Clinical Director

Languages: English, Spanish & Arabic (Intermediate)

I have always been intrigued by and genuinely delighted in other cultures. This appreciation drew me to spend significant time living, studying and working in international spaces. I have spent considerable time in Jordan, southern Spain, Kazakhstan, and working among South Asians and North Africans in London.

Because I have been so deeply impacted by other cultures and cognizant of the many ways I have yet to learn the beauty they reflect, I have a desire to make counselling accessible to everyone. I do this with a desire to honour each person’s unique faith, culture, ethnicity, family or background. Simply put, I want to be a student of my clients, even while helping them move toward healing.

I utilise integrative counselling drawing from multiple modalities. My faith as a follower of Jesus demands and empowers me to see the beauty and brokenness in each person and also allows me to work with them wherever they are in their journey towards healing, healthier relating and more intimacy. I most often find myself working with trauma in all the many ways it presents itself including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and difficult interpersonal relationships.

I completed my Masters in Counseling in 2006. I became a Licensed Professional Counsellor in the state of Missouri in 2009. I transferred this license to the state of Pennsylvania in 2009 and continue presently as an LPC through the state of Pennsylvania. I am currently a Registered Member of the BACP and the ACC. I am also an equipped facilitator for healing groups using Healing the Wounds of Trauma material. I have completed a certified EMDR course through LCCH.

I feel deeply privileged to do the work I do, but I am most alive when I am with my husband, Stephen, and my three children, King, Eden and Boaz. You will usually find us out walking our dog, Clyde; exploring a new park or activity; or simply drinking in the beauty of nature, namely flowers and water, whenever and however we can.


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