Stephen Jones

Managing Director

Languages: English & Spanish

Stephen has many years of international work experience both as a pastor and a psychotherapist. Stephen specialises in helping clients manage difficult relationships, overcome trauma and relieve anxiety. His clients find him to be approachable, curious, insightful and realistic in his counselling methods. He relates particularly well to men and women who are hesitant to attend counselling. Convinced that relationships are the avenue to lasting change, Stephen’s goal in therapy is to create a safe therapeutic relationship that provides a setting for clients to experience healing and empowerment.

Background Experience

Stephen is an experienced therapist with a diverse background as a pastor, counsellor and community organizer. After years of working at a homeless shelter in St. Louis, MO, with those suffering addictions, Stephen became a qualified counsellor and an ordained presbyterian minister in 2009.

In 2010 he moved to Spain at the height of the financial crisis.  To meet the physical needs of his church congregation in Spain during the financial crisis, he began partnerships with a cross-section of churches, local businesses and the European Union to provide resources for those in need.  These diverse roles helped him see the scope and holistic nature of the healing process.

In 2015, Stephen moved to London to help lead an international training and mentoring program for aspiring church leaders. During this time, he had extensive experience with professional coaching and spiritual mentorship of ministry leaders who often ran out of energy and ran out of faith. Due to the severity of the mental health needs that his role uncovered, he began to focus his time primarily on counselling clients and secondarily as a local pastor at New Life Suwarta Sangat.

Stephen’s integrative approach to working with clients has its theoretical roots in psychodynamic, person-centred and attachment frameworks. Convinced that relationships are the avenue of lasting change, his goal in therapy is to create a therapeutic relationship that will empower clients to address their struggles outside the counselling room better.

Areas of Expertise

Stephen responds to a broad spectrum of issues, including depression, anxiety, unwanted sexual behaviour, relationship struggles, anger, trauma, burnout, unresolved family issues and more severe mental illnesses. In addition, he provides couples counselling, professional coaching and debriefing services.

Outside Interests

Stephen enjoys spending lots of time with his wife and three children. His favourite hobbies are laughing, eating and being outside in warm weather. He is an avid reader and hopes to find a sustainable model for wide-scale, low-cost, private counselling.


Masters of Arts in Counselling, Covenant Theological Seminary (magna cum laude)
Masters of Business Administration, Warwick Business School UK (Distinction)
Masters of Divinity, Covenant Theological Seminary (magna cum laude)
Speech and Communications (BA) Clemson University (magna cum laude)
Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship


British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)
Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC)
Ordination in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)


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